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Aprilia Caponord Parts
OEM, Aftermarket and Equivalent

Ask anyone, they'll tell you--I like having options. Chocolate cake, or ice cream? I want to be able to choose. Here are original part specs, aftermarket part IDs, and equivalent bikes. My thanks to Benoit from the yahoo forum for a lot of info!

If you know more equivalents or aftermarket availability, please let me know!

Original part specs
Aftermarket Brake Pad Part numbers
What tires fit the Caponord?
I dinna drop it, but I need a brake or clutch lever
Passenger footpegs, Handguards match BMW equivalents
Ermax windscreens
Quick Disconnects for fuel tank

                     Original Part specs and numbers

Front tire: 110/80R19 Width 110, aspect ratio 80, 19" rim, speed rating V (>130mph, >210 kph) OEM: Metzeler Tourance
Rear tire:  150/70R17 Width 150, aspect ratio 70, 17" rim, speed rating V (>130mph, >210 kph) OEM: Metzeler Tourance

Plug gap: 0.024 - 0.028 inch, 0.6 - 0.7 mm

Valve Clearance Intake:   0.005 - 0.007 inch, 0.12 - 0.17 mm
Valve Clearance Exhaust: 0.009 - 0.011 inch, 0.23 - 0.28 mm

Chain and Sprockets

525 O-ring, 112 links
Drive sprocket: 17 tooth originally, some have gone to 16
Driven sprocket: 45 tooth

Spark plugs:

NGK Iridium ?????

Air Filter

Aprilia Part # 8104169(OEM)
Anyone found an aftermarket filter yet?

Oil Filter

Aprilia Part # 0256187, the Champion RB-X312 (OEM)
K&N sell an equivalent with their part # KN-152
Cardy, in France sells an equivalent with their part # FHM152


Yuasa YTX 14-BS (OEM)
This battery is also used by the Yamaha 900 Diversion and the Yamaha FJ1200A non-ABS models after model year 1991

                     Aftermarket brake pads

Hey, didja know this? I learned it on another motorcycle list. When you're replacing brake pads on a floating caliper (like our fronts), the pistons that have been pushing the old thin pads are extended a long way--so far extended that the new pads may not even fit, nevermind fitting over the disk. To force the pistons in, I used two C-clamps, one over each piston, and just squeezed them back in, one turn at a time on each clamp. Also, it's very important to check that the caliper still floats, i.e. that half of the caliper slides easily back and forth on the pins. Check for and remove corrosion on the caliper pins, or you lose significant braking power.

For ease of finding replacement pads, the Caponord shares the same front caliper as all models of the BMW F650, and the Aprilia Pegaso model years after 1997

For ease of finding replacement pads, the Caponord shares the same rear caliper as rear the Aprilia RSV, the Aprilia SL and the following Ducatis: 750SS and SSIE after model year 1999, 900SS and SSIE after model year 1999, ST2, ST4 and ST4S

Manufacturer Front Rear Notes
EBC FA209HH/2 FA266HH Don't forget you need two sets for the front (two pads per caliper). The organic Green pads are the same part number, just remove the HH from the end.
Ferodo Sinster Grip Road FDB2006ST Platinum # FDB2074P  
Aprilia 8113988 8113751  
SBS SBS674 SBS730  
Dunlopad DP623 DP631  
Gooridge G169ST-2 or 3 G253ST-1  
CarbonLorraine 2396 A3 2827 RX Do not use S1 on the front.

                     Tire Possibilities

Front tire: 110/80R19, speed rating V
Rear tire:  150/70R17 Width 150, speed rating V

My thanks again to Colin, who notes:

The Triumph Tiger, BMW R1150GS and Suzuki V-Strom use the same size tires as the Caponord. Below are links to Tiger owners opinions of many of the tires available in our sizes.

First Triumph Tiger Tire Thread

Followup Triumph Tiger Tire Thread

Costa warns, though

yes, but you must pay attention to speed code. It must be "V" (240 km/h, 149 mph) for the Caponord, and the only tyres in this code are Metzeler Tourance, Pirelli Scorpion and Michelin Anakee.

                     Replacement Brake or Clutch levers

Okay, I did drop it. When I needed a new clutch lever, I used Ducman for replacement levers. Good price and quick turnaround on the order.

My thanks to David in the Yahoo forum, who notes:

My Aprilia dealer is also a Ducati dealer and the parts guy gave me a brake lever from the Ducati 748-916. It was a perfect match. Then I thought that the Ducati also do an anodised gunmetal blade, I enquired about the price 28 GBP and it looks a lot better IMHO that the cast alloy brake lever.

                     BMW parts that fit Aprilias

My thanks to Bora the beemer spotter in the Yahoo forum, who notes:

Passenger footpegs are the same with BWM R1150GS, F650GS but cost-wise I'm sure this means nothing.

The hand guards of BMW 1150GS are an "almost perfect" fit

                     Replacement Windscreens

Ermax model 1080119 is 10 cm taller than the stock shield, is available clear, smoked or colored
Ermax model 2080119 is also available
Givi also makes a shield that is about 10 cm taller than the stock shield.

                     Hugger for rear wheel

Secdem, in France, sells a rear hugger (like the front fender, but for the rear wheel), although it seems they don't like to deal internationally.

                     Quick Disconnects for fuel tank

It seems that the plastic quick disconnects Aprilia used on the Caponord fuel tank and lines are prone to breakage. It's possible they're not even certified for use with gasoline!

My thanks to Stu_O from the ApriliaForum forum who has this info:

These are Colder part numbers. They're all chrome-plated brass. These coupler bodies do not have a shrouded latch lever like OEM. Otherwise, they're identical to the OEM pieces in form, fit, and function. If I have any fears about accidedntal unlocking due to lack of a shroud, I'll secure a cable tie around the fitting with the catch positioned under the fitting's latch lever.

1/4" barbed coupler bodies - Colder part# LCD17004 - two required. $15.11 ea.
1/4 NPT male fuel pump fitting - Colder part# LCD24004. $9.60
3/8" barbed unvalved return line male fitting - Colder part# LC22006 - $4.30

While you're working on the fuel line, make sure you check out Stu_O's other fuel mod!

Last year, I gave my thanks to Dave in the Yahoo forum, who noted:

Go to COLDER PRODUCTS PART # LCD24004 Scan down and you will find part# LCD24004. No picture but does have male pipe.

None of the parts below are confirmed to fit! If anyone has definite info, please let me know!

I did a little research, too, and found a couple of links Here's the link that his description leads to, but, if I'm reading his description correctly, you still need to call and talk to them; they might be able to direct you to a local shop?

Here are some more that might be right.

There are also some at Touratech

Hey, remember, we're all buddies, right? I'm telling you what I did to my bike, you're telling me what you did to yours. If you mess up yourself or your bike, well, I'm sorry, but I wasn't twisting your arm. Of course, Aprilia has trademarked their name and logo, and they don't know me from Adam.

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