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Ask anyone, they'll tell you--I like knowing the lingo. Inside information, the 'industry phrase,' it makes me happy to be able to pass. Little bits of info like these may help you, too

Resetting the service indicator
Lazy man's fork oil replacement
Hepco & Becker bars spacer
Caponord--Restriction Free since 2001!

                     Re-setting the SERVICE Light

1. Remove the seat.
2. On the left hand side (as you face the bars) near the battery you will find two connectors, male and female. The female connector has two grey wires and the male has a blue/green wire. Connecting these two together puts the onboard computer into diagnostic mode. Connect these together, noting their original position for later.
3. Turn on the ignition (don't start the engine).
4. On the right hand instrument panel, "EFI" will now display above the MODE button.
5. Press and hold the MODE button.
6. While still pressing the MODE button, press and hold the SET button.
7. Keep both buttons pressed until the "Service" indicator disappears (seems like a long time, 10+ seconds).
8. Turn off the ignition.
9. Disconnect the diagnostic connectors and place them in their original position.
10. Turn ignition back on to verify "SERVICE" indicator is out and panel displays normally.
11. Replace seat and ride safely.

                     Fork oil replacement

My thanks to Colin, who notes:

Instead of removing the forks and pouring out the oil, you can: bike on center stand, and remove any pressure on the front tire, being sure that the forks are fully extended.
2.remove handlebars, and tie them around the windshield.
3.remove one fork cap bolt.
4.use a long stick and dip it into the fork to measure how deep the oil is. It takes a little fiddling to get it past where the spring sits on a lip. Mine was aprox. 21 inches. Mark the stick at the oil level line.
5.pump out oil into some kind of measuring container to check for gross errors, I spilled so much that this was almost useless, but it gives you some idea how much to put back in before checking the level with your stick.
6.check level with stick, and fill up to mark.
7.replace fork cap bolt. other side.
9.replace handlebars, and you’re done.

                     Hepco & Becker bars spacers

The Hepco & Becker part number for Caponord engine guards is 502.703.0001

My thanks to Bora, who notes:

Hepco-Becker engine guards all come with a wrong spacer in the pack. I installed 3 of them. (one mine, and 2 to other friends). The best way is not to use the spacer at all. 4 ea. metric 6 washers work best.

                     Caponord Restricted?

My thanks to Jack, who notes:

Here is what I have found on the subject - at least regarding USA bikes - and I think it is correct. The Mille (RSV), Futura and Falco are restricted. The Capo is not (it is already at a reduced state of tune). The Futura shares the Sagem EFI with the Capo, so it is restricted only through an intake restrictor - which is easily removed, but opens up a new round of debate as to how necessary an EFI remap is to prevent damage to the engine and/or maximize power output. The Mille and Falco share a Nippon-Denso EFI system, which requires that the wire be cut - in addition to removing intake _and_ exhaust restrictors. No remap necessary in this case, as cutting the wire routes the EFI to another map that is already installed in the bike. Hein, a South African Capo owner, says that the SA bikes are restricted. After reading his post, I tore mine down one day to free up this 'free' horsepower. I found out how not to remove the fuel tank (breaking a fuel line disconnect in the process)and also proved to myself that the US bikes are not restricted - a fact that I have since confirmed through my dealer and Aprilia USA. However, there are exhaust upgrades available (aftermarket, of course), which seem to work best after a dyno session and EFI remap, and I hope that somebody will come up with a low restriction intake solution for our bike (I am not aware of one yet). So - for the time being - content yourself with the horsepower that is native to the bike, and don't worry that you are missing some... :) ...the bike is a hoot right out of the box!

Hey, remember, we're all buddies, right? I'm telling you what I did to my bike, you're telling me what you did to yours. If you mess up yourself or your bike, well, I'm sorry, but I wasn't twisting your arm. Of course, Aprilia has trademarked their name and logo, and they don't know me from Adam.

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