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Aprilia Caponord ScottOiler install

Ask anyone, they'll tell you--I'm lazy. If I can take an hour or so and install a ScottOiler and never have to oil my chain again, well, sign me up!

Mounting holes for the High Capacity Reservoir (click to enlarge) Click on image to enlarge

Interesting! I removed the license plate, and there are two holes that just happen to line up with the top two mounting holes on the HCR. Turns out if I pull out the rubber plug, there's a third hole in just the right spot. Isn't that nice of Aprilia to make this easy on me?

Vacuum hook up (click to enlarge) Click on image to enlarge

Two lines are connected to the ScottOiler. One supplies vacuum to the 'Reservoir Metering Valve,' the other line takes oil from the reservoir to the chain. When the engine is running, the vacuum line will open the metering valve. According to the hose routing diagram, there are two lines capped off under the fuel tank, just in front of the top frame crossover. Both are vacuum, one from each cylinder (they're used to sync the cylinders). I got a 1/4" to 1/8" reducing vacuum connector at the local auto parts store, removed the cap on the vacuum line, and attached the vacuum damper assembly to the vacuum line. Again, doesn't it seem like Aprilia is helping us out? There are plenty of places to run the tubes. The vacuum line I routed under the frame crossover, then along the inside of the left rail of the subframe. As I got back towards the tool compartment, there was plenty of space between the top of the tool compartment and the bottom of the cover to sneak the vacuum line through. I routed it back along the right side of the tool compartment. I threaded a cable tie up behind the stop light and followed it back down with the vacuum line. Voila! Don't cable tie the vacuum line to the subframe yet, wait until the oil line is there, too.

Oil delivery line (click to enlarge) Click on image to enlarge

The oil line I crossed from the right side to the left above and behind the brake light. If you look from side to side, you can see right through. I then ran it along the left side rail, down behind the main frame crossover, behind the side panel. I attached a little 1/4" cable guide to the screw holding the front of the upper chain guard.

Tube Routing (click to enlarge) Click on image to enlarge

Here's how the tubes are routed at the rear. The oil line comes out of the tool compartment and down the right side of the RMV, the vacuum line goes behind the stop light, and the line from the HCR to the RMV comes over the top. I cable tied these together, mostly out of fear of their being close to the exhaust stream.

Dispenser Assembly (click to enlarge) Click on image to enlarge

I used both of the Dispenser Mounting Sleeves to attach the Dispenser Assembly to the bottom of the swingarm. I went with cable ties rather than glue--some places have mentioned problems with the glue not holding, and I figured our beautiful swingarm and frame would exacerbate the holding problems. By using two sleeves, the dispenser assembly will bend naturally when it passes inside the lower chain guard, as long as the zip ties hold firm. The firm white tube of the Dispenser Assembly contains the oil delivery tube and a metal wire. If you soften the white tube with a hair dryer or flame, it should bend easily, and the wire will help it to hold its shape.

Hey, remember, we're all buddies, right? I'm telling you what I did to my bike, you're telling me what you did to yours. If you mess up yourself or your bike, well, I'm sorry, but I wasn't twisting your arm. Of course, Aprilia has trademarked their name and logo, and they don't know me from Adam.

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