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Aprilia Caponord and the LaminarLip

Ask anyone, they'll tell you--I'm a delicate flower. The Princess and the Pea's got nothing on me, I like my comfort.

Right from the start, taller riders (I'm six feet tall) complained about buffeting. The stock windshield just wasn't enough to protect our heads. There was this one freeway overpass where my helmet would just get hammered around, it felt like physical blows. Even just plain old country riding, if I hunched my head down about six inches, smooth silent air, but if I sat normally rumbling noise and buffeting ruled the day.

The fine folks at LaminarLip solved my problem. By installing their simple piece of plastic, I get much cleaner air around my helmet. It was very easy to install, looks cool, and now I only get hammered when I want to!

The Lip is mounted with special stick-on buttons backed with an adhesive. They say the Velcro-(TM, lest I be sued)like material is good for 20 or so cycles of removal and reattachment, and that the adhesive should be permanent once properly installed. They even provide an extra set of buttons.

Lip Installed (click to enlarge) Click on image to enlarge

Lip Mounting (click to enlarge) Click on image to enlarge

Hey, remember, we're all buddies, right? I'm telling you what I did to my bike, you're telling me what you did to yours. If you mess up yourself or your bike, well, I'm sorry, but I wasn't twisting your arm. Of course, Aprilia has trademarked their name and logo, and they don't know me from Adam.

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