Todd's ETV 1000 Caponord Page

Mad Props to Ken's Falco Page!

Caponord Maintenance

How to change oil and filter 

 Easy to do!

ScottOiler installation 

 How I installed a ScottOiler automatic chain oiler.

Fuel Line & Quick Disconnects 

 Some owners have broken the OEM quick disconnects on the fuel lines to the gas tank. Check out this top notch repair!

Stalling trouble? 

 Try this $1.29 fix.

TuneBoy Rocks! 

 Simple graphical control of your ECU from your laptop.

Tips & Tricks 

 Techniques that simplify your life, 'Hey, I've noticed...' factoids, etc.


 Original part specs, aftermarket part numbers, compatible parts from other bikes,

Ken's Falco Page! 

 The Falco uses the same engine, and Ken seems to have done everything to it. Thanks, Ken!

Useful Caponord Links

These documents are really helpful   Seriously, from general maintenance to pulling the engine, they seem to have a lot of useful info.
AF1 Racing Aprilia discussion forum   Has discussions for all things Aprilia, Caponord specific, the 1000cc engine all the big Aprilias use, etc. Lots of traffic and info; this dominates Caponord discussions right now.
Owners Guides   Aprilia supplies Use and Maintenance manuals for all models in many languages
Yahoo! discussion forum   Specific to Caponords; this forum was king when Caponords first came to the US, but now it's mostly capo owners from Europe. Lots of good historical info in the archives though.
Aprilia USA Owners Club   Has links, wallpapers, Aprilia clothing, but the discussion there is currently dead.

Caponord Accessories, Toys, Performance Mods

Throttle Lock   Not a cruise control, but the Vista Cruise Universal makes giving the double bird to cars a breeze.
Givi top case   Back rest for passenger, and more storage.
Installing heated grips   How I installed Kimpex heat strips for the grips
1e5 Candlepower!   Deer, I will singe your fur and melt your eyeballs...coming soon.
LaminarLip   Simple addition ends wind buffeting.
Straight Kickstand   Euro kickstand makes for much easier lifting.
HyperLites   Super bright, super flashy additional brake lights
Hepco & Becker Crash Bars   Eurotech Motorsports is the US agent for Hepco & Becker, who make crash bars for the Capo; here is their dealer locator.
Touratech Accessories   Touratech USA has some cool mods for Caponords.
Mike's Grilles   Sturdy protection for Radiator and Oil Cooler.
Replacement Clutch & Brake Levers   DUCMAN has both OEM Brembo levers and their own brand for great prices
Daniel's Exhaust Modification   Daniel Thorstensson likes it louder; beautiful site with sounds, photos, and dyno graph.

Hey, remember, we're all buddies, right? I'm telling you what I did to my bike, you're telling me what you did to yours. If you mess up yourself or your bike, well, I'm sorry, but I wasn't twisting your arm. Of course, Aprilia has trademarked their name and logo, and they don't know me from Adam.

Feel free to contact me: todd at caporider dot com You can always go home again